Sunday, June 26, 2011


Through Swapnil Barai, I came in contact with a very bright young guy named Ankit Tulsyan from Pune. His enthusiasm to help the cause and movement or any social relevant causes was really infectious... mails were exchanged and soon we were interacting over phone. His support meant a great source of encouragement and that whenever it will be required, he will always be there. I could see right through his voice that this was not merely an assurance (as most would give) but he meant every single word he was saying. We had great interaction over phones and he led me to many contacts during this journey. There is more to this young man... which I shall write very soon...

I visited Pune last year to have a one-to-one session with Ankit to talk about the “11 District Vidarbha Run” to spread awareness among villagers and raise funds for the movement (it has been postponed for the time being) and it is here I was introduced to another interesting young chemical engineer named Nikunj Jain... I still remember very distinctively that Nikunj was a very silent listener and eager to know more about my movement. Both the young professionals (Ankit & Nikunj) were very-very enthusiastic to do something for the poor villagers... they listened patiently, shared their ideas and promised whatever help they could, they will lend when time comes.

It surely was a very long night discussing all about the movement and what the future plans would be with the two... their enthusiasm was really amazing in many aspects and I am glad to share beautiful interaction with both of them. While, I was on and off in contact with Ankit through mails, SMS and mails... I didn’t hear anything from Nikunj... After many months later, one fine day, I received a call from Nikunj informing me that he has joined IOCL and is now based in Baroda (Vadodra)... we got connected on Facebook and were since then in regular touch.

When I visited Gujarat recently in April, I travelled to Baroda to meet Nikunj. It was a very short meeting but it was lovely to meet again after many months. Ankit couldn’t join us, even though he is also in Gujarat on official visit. When I approached Nikunj with the mail to be one of the angels, his mail with the BIG YES really touched me! He was very happy to be part of the movement and said – “Johnny I will be glad!”

What is interesting to note for the world about this young angel is that he wants to do and knows that the countrymen needs the support of each and every individual. The will to do at such a young age is truly commendable of Nikunj... trust me, it is indeed a great sacrifice for all these young beautiful angels, who have come forward to support me. I am really proud of all of them because they are aware of the ground situation and want to see the change for the poor villagers to become self-reliant in near future. Most of them do often tell me that wish they could take the bold step to leave everything and follow their heart... but, they have their own responsibilities towards their immediate family. However, they have not stopped to do whatever they can in their capacity and they are doing it silently.

I am really proud of all such youngsters who are doing a lot in their own capacity wherever they are. I wish to tell this young beautiful angel that I am grateful to know him and his kind support and help will surely go a very long way. Thank you so very much Nikunj... Sai Baba bless you always!

Cuidate :)

... to be continued... 

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