Monday, June 6, 2011


With the current scenario of the nation and the world is in, it surely makes me wonder what the future lies for today’s tiny-tots! What will be the future like? Will they live a life that parents in the world are dreaming of – the unreal dream of a beautiful life for their children? Aren’t we all living in an illusionary world with the false hope of – ‘one day things will turn better’ while sitting hand on hand and do just nothing. Will the handful of committed individuals really be able to save the lives of billions plus?

In April when I met Shri Bunker Roy, the Founder of Barefoot College Tilonia, the few minutes that we shared gave me a perfect insight about life’s various aspects. I have been fortunate for he told me – “Don’t try to change the world, instead try to change few lives. If you will try to change the world, you will fail. But definitely you will be able to change few lives during your lifetime.” How true were his words, I realized the moment I came out of his room. For a moment I was just speechless and even brain dead! I thanked Sai Baba for giving me such a valuable lesson to learn in the short span. And after spending 10 days at the College, I marvelled at Shri Bunker Roy’s vision because he has created such a beautiful small world, parallel to the big vicious world!

The journey of my destiny is long and full of challenges ahead but with the strong support of all special people... I know my destiny has found a new meaning. A big thank you to all the beautiful souls of the world, who have come together and uniting under this movement to strengthen the long walk of life... All the angels, who have come forward to help me since the first year, are laying the strong foundation for the future of the tiny-tots of today. When I look at the joyful smiles of tiny-tots today... I always wonder do they know how their future will be... I feel really sad and worried about the dangerous future they are growing for... no land, no water, lots of war, shortage of food, no jungles or wildlife, no fresh air, no mountains, rivers... well, everything will be in short supply and there will be total chaos.... however, genius the human species can be... however innovative the scientists may be... life certainly will not be an easy one for the TINY-TOTS of today... their future is in danger! And mind you, we are heading there at a very faster pace... faster than the hand of the second... I am worried, really! That is the reason I gave away everything to pursue the journey of my destiny....

Even though I have known a lot of actors and actresses from Bollywood, only a few have come forward to support and help the movement. And those who have come forward have been angels in disguise and they have stood by me ever since the movement started. Shreyas Talpade, a well-known name in Bollywood, has always stood by the movement, encouraging and supporting in all the ways. His undying support for the movement – “support 4 suicide farmers families” - in Vidarbha is highly appreciated from the bottom of my heart with much gratitude for his effort and assurance to do more as and when time comes. I have known him since his IQBAAL days. I have enjoyed interviewing him for his humaneness rather than being a star from Bollywood. And from that instance, we have often bumped in various parties and in spite of his growing stature in Bollywood as an actor of substance he always remained a person with great humility. And his beautiful better half Deepti joining in hands with sincerity and true commitment... words are not suffice to describe this beautiful couple for their strong support.

This year when I approached Shreyas, having read my mail, even during his busy schedule of shooting, he called me and said the couple will be glad to support the movement & me for a year. Well, through this post i wish to thank both of you Shreyas & Deepti for your kind support and help. Sai Baba bless you both always!

Cuidate :) 

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