Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Angels are visibly invisible! – You are right, and you all will be reading this beautiful line again and again in my journey of destiny.

It was in 2001 when I heard the sweet voice over phone for the very first time and then she was invisible for few years... little did I realize then that the sweet voice belonged to one of the TEN BEAUTIFUL ANGELS (for the Second Year June 2011 to May 2012)... exactly a decade later, the beautiful angel lends her kind support & help to become the FIRST ANGEL... TOUCHED! GRATEFUL! SPEECHLESS!

However, I am taking this opportunity to write how this beautiful angel has become the source of encouragement and inspiration for me. After the first call in 2001, we met at one of the star hotels in Bombay for the very first time after three or four years later... as two regular professional, we exchanged our respective views and interacted. The bonding was mutual and after a while we lost touch again... as a bad habit to wish my friends on their birthday, I surprised her and whether we talk or not, year after year, I was always wishing on her birthday... You will not believe dear friends, that true friendship develops between two individual because destiny wants them to be friends... and I am so-so blessed that she has been a great friend to me... friend who knows when to be by the side of another friend... and such strong bonding when we have interacted in person not more than 3 or 4 times in the last 10 years and made less than 15 calls in the decade that we have known each other. Isn’t that an astonishing phenomenon?

When I embarked on this journey of destiny, she wished me luck... last year, just before and during the Dusshera & Durga Puja festivals... there were so many farmers succumbing to suicide that I went into deep depression... depression that made me sceptical about wishing all my friends HAPPY DUSSHERA / PUJA... so even before any of my friends would wish me a happy festival ahead, I messaged everyone to please not wish me because I was going through deep sadness, anguish and helplessness... and wrote the reasons as well... only one friend asked forgiveness for wishing me in advance happy Dusshera... and then I received the most encouraging message from the beautiful angel...

She was there through her messages to uplift my downed spirits, understanding my pain and sorrows that I was going through reading every day 3, 4 or at times 5 to 6 farmers committing suicide during the harvesting season. Those messages are still the source of my inspiration whenever I feel down I read them... When the whole world didn’t cared for my depressing state, she was there guiding me to be strong to face all eventualities of various challenges that I will have to face. I have no words to thank the First Beautiful Angel for being there when I needed her like a true friend... friend who may be invisible all through but visible when another friend is in dire straits.

Remarkable indeed, how some souls touch your life to bring a new meaning about humanity! She requested me that she prefers to remain invisible to the world in this aspect and I respect her privacy and decision and hence there is no name and picture of the FIRST BEAUTIFUL ANGEL. Her yearly contribution arrived well in time yesterday and I can only say one thing... such friends make this life so worth living! I feel blessed because Sai Baba has been very-very kind to send me beautiful angels from nowhere. And the First Beautiful Angel stood by me as any true friend would...

As on date, SEVEN ANGELS have confirmed their yearly contribution, kind support and help for the Second Year (I need THREE more now) for the movement to gain more strength in the Second Year... Thank you, thank you so much all of you beautiful angels... Sai Baba bless you and your family always!

CUIDATE J be continued..... 

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