Monday, June 13, 2011


Angels are visibly invisible!

Yesterday, I received a beautiful comment from one of the readers...

Anonymous said:
Johnny, your series of writings regarding angels is very interesting. All your angels are amazing. I am not good enough in recognizing angels but this much I can say that we all are born surrounded by heavenly beings to help us in every area of life. Believe it or not they are assigned to us at birth. And some do take human form to carry out their assignments. In your case your angels are truly angels in human form. Though they might forget their angelic origin, yet they always keep their angelic temperament. 

I’ve learned a lot from your writings. And off late I learned a lot about angels through your writings. One solid proof of your being an angel is clearly shown to me through your writings. You cannot deny it Johnny; you’re one of the angels yourself! Through this comments of mine I challenge your blog followers who don’t agree with my calling you an angel! YOU ARE INDEED AN ANGEL JOHNNY!!

How truly one has said that we all are assigned various angels at the time of our birth, who are there to help us in every area of life... I totally agree with the above statement of the reader that some of the angels take human forms to carry out their assignments. As one has seen how various beautiful angels have, from time-to-time arrive from God knows where to help me in this long journey... from first year to the second year... I have been truly blessed to be supported and helped by all the beautiful angels, whether the world considers them to be mere humans in angelic form or else whatever... I know one thing for sure that the journey of destiny is not complete without the help and support of beautiful angels for each one of us... while many may not agree with me... the ones who agree are always welcome to this beautiful world...

The Fifth Beautiful Angel arrived in my life’s destiny in a very unusual form. First, it was Akash Jha (student @ TISS Tuljapur) who connected with me in Facebook... a very intense reader and one who is passionate to do something on ground and I know for sure, this boy will do wonders in coming years... his zeal and passion are second to none that I have seen in others... Akash enjoys good poetry, good articles, autobiography and issues that are suppressing the poor is what he fights for... even before I knew, I received an invitation from his brother Mandan Jha, working as a Merchandiser Manager @ Classic Fashion Exports Pvt. Ltd., in Delhi. Both the brothers have been a great source of encouragement for my writings and they have been very good readers and an inspiration...

One day, I received an invitation from Palak Jha on Facebook, the loving sister of Akash & Mandan and even before I knew she started encouraging me for my writings. After a few days, she was inquisitive to know more about the movement and asked me several questions... I replied to her with all the answers about the movement and then she said, “Johnny how can I help your movement and be a part of it?” I was really touched for we have never met before and here was an angel who flew from distant land to lend me her kind support and help. I told her that by saying this, she was already a part of the movement... somehow, after few false promises by many people at the initial stage of my journey, now I can recognise the real angels who are serious about what they say. I knew Palak was someone who would always be there like the First Beautiful Angel Prerana Sharma... they meant what they said... I also told Palak that when time comes, I shall not hesitate to ask her to come forward. However, the situation never arose with Palak...

During my search for the TEN BEAUTIFUL ANGELS for the Second Year (June 2011 to May 2012), as I was updating my status about the angels in Facebook... Palak one day sent me a mail saying, “Johnny can I be your FIFTH ANGEL?” It was certainly the most amazing and touching moment of my life... unlike others, I had not written to Palak... she came forward on her own... something surely is very-very special about the FIFTH ANGEL! Palak is a beautiful mother to a cute son and an MBA as a professional. Even though she is not working at present because of taking care of her son, her support as the FIFTH ANGEL is surely praise worthy! Thank you so very much Palak for being the lovely example for the world to see as to what it takes to serve our nation and help the poor villagers selflessly. Your great support and kind help is much-much appreciated from the bottom of my heart... Palak! Sai Baba bless you and your loving family always!

Cuidate :)

... to be continued...


  1. Johnny you've given me a very special place in your sphere by quoting my comments in your recent writing. As an old man I feel honoured and boy you've made me shed tears! GOD BLESS YOU OR AS YOU ALWAYS PUT IT, SAI BABA BLESS YOU ALWAYS DEAR JOHNNY, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!

  2. Your precious tears are the real blessings for what my destiny has chosen me for, Sir... certainly I will not let it go waste with all my devotion to the cause that I am walking for... grateful for your kind loving blessings Sir! Yes, Sai Baba bless you always!!!

    Cuidate :)