Sunday, March 28, 2010


On the 26th of March, it was reported that 10 Vidarbha farmers had committed suicide in the last 48 hours and this day once again there is news about 9 Vidarbha farmers have ended their lives of misery in the last 24 hours… In spite of Maharastra losing farmers to suicide at the fastest pace in the nation, the State Budget has reduced the amount to be spent in 2010-11 for the Agriculture / Rural Development & Irrigation from Rs. 4,785.12 crores to Rs. 3,391.61 crores from the 2009-10 periods.

                              (check out Agriculture / Rural Development & Irrigation)

It shows that the State is worried only about the cities development which accumulates to almost Rs. 53,570.63 crores and Rs. 53,681.74 crores in 2009-10 & 2010-11 periods respectively… if one calculates the percentage, one and all will be shocked to know that the funds allotted for Agriculture Sector (58 per cent of Maharastra depends on it) is just a little over 8 % and near about 6 % for the respective years – 2009-10 and 2010-11… Isn’t it shocking that where the State should put more money, they are spending a pittance as if the cities can feed self without the farmers.

I wish to ask one and all, will mushrooming of more Malls feed or produce crops for the whole nation? Will the booming Multiplexes Culture do the same for the nation? Will more brands of car in any which way grow crops for the whole nation? Will the subsidies to private airliners in any way feed the city folks by growing crops in air? Will the success of IPL 3 in any way reflect that cricket grounds are growing more crops for the city folks? All these are vulgar display of wealth in the nation, which is losing its farmers at an alarming rate and yet, nothing is being done to save them to a better future.

All the food that our farmers grow for the whole nation are soaked in their blood my dear friends as they are giving away their lives because nothing is being done for them. I really wonder when the nation will lose all the farmers, who will do farming to grow food for the whole nation… think hard about this soon to be real situation… next time when you eat those delicious cuisine in the restaurant, think about the farmers who are committing suicide while you are eating a decent costly meal… and yes, not forgetting how their families will have to cope about the sudden demise of the men who earn their bread and butter (roti, namak, kandha aur mirchi – bread / salt / onion & green chillies) for their respective families…

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