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Welcome to the modern era of genocide in India folks! You really don’t need a bloody war in the modern era of genocide. Mind you, there are no nuclear bombs, weapon of mass destructions, modern arms, ammunitions or gadgets and one really doesn’t even need the most advance Drone aircrafts to create genocide… all it requires is ONE SIMPLE POLICY (the non-violence ways of Gandhi) in Official Government Paper with the signature of the Head of the State – the Prime Minister!

GENOCIDE: (n) Deliberate extermination of a race or people

The above is the dictionary meaning of the word in Chambers English Dictionary…

Please note: “Deliberate” is the word used to describe all the killings and that is how the government policy makers create these modern day genocides by their vicious greed-linked thinking to exterminate the poor farmers; farmers, who feed the nation; farmers, who will not hesitate to go hungry to toil in the hot sun all day long for others; farmers, who are selling their wives (while our leaders are fighting for women’s bill) to feed their families because the government aid is announced but never reaches them; farmers, who have no other option but to lift guns to safeguard irrigation water from others; farmers, who sell their produce cheap to the middle men (brokers) so that their countrymen can buy them in higher prices (to be cheated because of government policy and distribution system); farmers, who never get relief or aid from the government of the nation in full and timely (amount promised or announced by various Chief Ministers or Agriculture Minister or else the Prime Minister ; farmers, who have to pay the highest rate (in the nation) of interest to get a meagre amount of Rs. 8000/- so they can buy the seeds; farmers, who are committing suicide because of government policies… farmers who are being killed in a modern day genocide by government with no arms and ammunitions…

Yes, we are talking of 200,000 farmers, who have committed suicide or died due to debt and distress in the last 12 years (1997 to 2009) in various parts of interior India. They didn’t die my folks, because they were deliberately killed by the government, who are too busy to serve and lick arses of 311 Indian billionaires. 200,000 farmers death in 12 years make it 46 / per day; 1388 / per month and 16,666 / per year – Yes, they are deliberately being killed by the government of India and it is even worst than all the genocides in the world that history has ever witnessed during various wars and evil dictators’ regime because our Prime Minister’s image (Manmohan Singh) seems to be too cute, kind and a weakling in physical stature… however, while 46 farmers were being killed every single day of the last 12 years, NO ONE, I repeat, no one has really bothered to put a stop (or check) to the genocide that is happening in interior India.

The figure of 200,000 farmers death were mentioned in the award winning documentary NERO’S GUESTS by Deepa Bhatia, who followed Magsaysay Award Winner P Sainath for the last five and a half years in rural India to cover farmers’ suicides to make this hard-hitting documentary, thereby, revealing the real picture of rural India and the modern day genocide that the government is so proud of to mention economy growth of 8+ per cent… growth that stands tall on 46 dead farmers per day or growth that needs a special mention in the world that stands tall on 1388 farmers death per month or growth that Manmohan Singh’s Government is so ecstatic about which has been built on 16,666 farmers death per year since the last 12 long years… 12 LONG YEARS… EVERY SINGLE DAY 46 PRECIOUS LIVES OF INDIAN FARMERS WERE BEEN EXTERMINATED DELIBERATELY with no one to care for and no one to ask or demand an answer… as the government and the nation were busy to release a film of Shah Rukh Khan…

All these deaths are deliberate as the government has not even bothered to stop these numbers to decrease since the last 12 years to violate the International Human Rights. The modern day genocide is achieved in such a subtle manner and proper planning that it is neither visible to the International Human Rights Oraganisation of the UNO or else even media doesn’t report such deaths with much fanfare as they do highlight the DGP Rathore molesting a 14 year-old girl Ruchika and still roaming scot-free from the clutches of the great Indian Judicial System. The families of these 200,000 farmers are still struggling to make their two ends meet and are running from pillar to post to get relief from the government bodies.

If you remember the poor farmers of Bundelkhand selling their wives to moneylenders for couple of months so that they could feed their families is the stark reality of modern day violation of International Human Rights… when the news broke in the media (only in CNN IBN), after two days, the NCW Chairperson Girija Vyas asked for a 48-Hour Probe in August 2009… well, neither the Home Minister, Agriculture Minister, Finanace Minister, Prime Minister, Sonia Gandhi or else Rahul Gandhi (who fakes to care for the poor to gain vote banks for his mother’s party Congress) even bothered to issue a statement when wives of poor farmers were being sold in the country… is this what GROWTH of the nation’s economy is proud of… as obvious, the news died down after exactly three days and no one has heard what the 48-Hour Probe had to say about its investigation of such a callous act… but obvious, it shows that all the leaders mentioned above were hands-in-gloves to achieve such a genocide to feed the 311 billionaires

These genocides are state sponsored and it is not only the farmers who are facing their extinction from the rural belts but also there are poor tribals, who have been living since decades in interior jungles of various states, who are being raped by Special Police Officers (SPOs), beaten mercilessly, killed for not vacating their land (as they live in the rich mineral deposits and corporate companies want the land to extract and make billions from the minerals beneath) and not to mention their houses of tree logs and straw are burned, their children are tortured to an extent that toddlers’ fingers are chopped off by the SPOs mercilessly and without any remorse. I wonder how all these leaders sleep their sleep with so many deaths on their heads! I really wonder as to why the International Human Rights Organisation have closed their eyes as well, when so many farmers and tribals are being deliberately killed in the name of economic growth by the government of India???

When one Indian is attacked down under in Australia, the Home Minister, the Foreign Minister, the Prime Minister, the Electronic and Print Media – all spring into action by condemning the act but here within India, our own country 200,000 farmers death doesn’t even get any serious thoughts forget about the actions by the leaders mentioned above. While the leaders are busy fighting issues of regionalism, languages and separate statehood… not even a single leader in the country is worried about the GENOCIDE… WHY? I ask why such callous attitude towards the farmers, who toil hard in hot sun to feed the nation? In spite of all the adversities to live a life without proper houses, sanitation system, drinking water, electricity, medical facilities… these farmers are delivering faithfully towards their nation’s requirement of food, so we can all eat well and grow into a healthy nation… so why has the government failed them since our Independence… why the government is hell bent to kill them in thousands… why the government is creating such genocide??? WHY? WHY? WHY?

My sincere request to one and all, please talk about this serious issue with your fellow members, your families and everyone you know as to how we are eating all those food items, which is coloured in HOT RED BLOOD of 200,000 farmers death, courtesy the Government of India. Please spread the awareness so that each one of us will have to think a thousand times when we waste food because of our arrogance to be rich and wealthy… speak, write and ask more questions as to why the International Tribunal of Human Rights and the World have closed their eyes to put an end to this MODERN DAY GENOCIDE! All these leaders should be punished for their wrong doings by killing these poor farmers by the WORLD!!!

I just pray that people who read this will not let the issue to die down… please-please save the farmers of my country!!!! Is UNO listening? Will the MEDIA please highlight this serious issue to demand the government for immediate action and take good care of the families of 200,000 dead farmers… One last request to the government, Please Stop This Modern Day Genocide!

Johnny D

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