Friday, March 12, 2010


Till yesterday, I was highlighting the plight of the poor farmers in my blogs ( / to raise awareness among blog readers.

Today morning, a lightning struck me to start one-man-crusade to support these affected families in my own small ways by involving the people of India and the world. No, I will not be starting an NGO like others because I don't wish to lose the mission that I am planning to start. I have decided now to dedicate my life to these farmers’ families so that my country’s farmers can live a decent life to grow more crops for my nation.

Every single day, I will travel the length & breadth of my city Bombay with a Donation Box and request people to just donate ONE SINGLE RUPEE... till I collect Rs.10 Lakh or more (to start with the initial movement) and then go to affected villages and support the families with money... this is just the beginning and I will try my best to do what I have planned now... My every day experience will be updated in my blog post and collection done during the day, so that everyone who donates can read the progress of my sincere effort and development... This I plan to start from the 18th of March 2010...

We often forget and negate the “Power of One”. However, I strongly believe that every movement starts with ONE SINGLE STEP. My English Teacher Mr. KK Roy Choudhury in Calcutta, (the man responsible to teach me how to write correct English…however, I still commit silly mistakes hahahah… I was very poor in English grammar in my Xth Class and Mr. Roy Choudhury is the teacher with Perfect Grammar… the proud Indian, who even taught the British the “Correct Usage of Grammar” with his valuable contributions to various English Authors & Oxford Publications) always used to say – “Why are you writing about films, actors and actresses? How does it benefit you? I can understand that you have to survive but then do something worthwhile in life.”

His words used to haunt me so much that one fine day I quit ‘Film Journalism’ once for all. I felt better and did write on various other subjects, like Architecture, Interiors and Property. However, the current scenario of dirty politics in various media houses made me to quit main stream media. I found solace in writing on various topics in my blogs (with no restriction to please my editors) and realised that there are serious readership following me worldwide. Honestly, I feel so good and content when I raise issues that are plaguing the nation and the world, which needs serious selfless action to solve them. However, it is only today, I realised that by simply writing about all these issues, I was also one among the billions, who just talk, write and discuss things but do simply nothing. So what is so wonderful about writing my blogs? As such, I am not able to help farmers’ families who suffer because of no money or aid from the government.

I am really glad that the lightening struck me in the morning today to lead me into a new direction to make my life worth living. It's just the beginning... While there are billion and billion dollars wasted in silly wars and world conference on global warming, no one really even uses their COMMON SENSE to think what will happen when all the farmers will die or else migrate to city??? Do they really care about these poor people? NO! I have no grudges against any of the rich elite as they are leading their lives as they must have surely worked hard to enjoy life... I have enjoyed my life too as a ‘Film Journalist’ and seen the best and the worst about their culture... one can say, it is my awakening to do something for the downtrodden in my own small ways. I am very emotional about all the farmers' death (whenever I read the newspapers) and realise that someone has to do it... there are many individuals and NGOs who are doing a lot for these farmers but still there is definitely something wrong because we have not been able to stop these suicides as it is growing in numbers every single year.

I do hope many people will come forward to DONATE just ONE RUPEE to save the farmers’ families from their plight. The food that we all waste daily either eating in hotels, restaurants or at home… indirectly and directly suffocate lives of these poor families and mind you all, all I am going to request is to donate ONE SINGLE RUPEE. So from 18th of March, when you see me in trains, streets or in front of a mall, please-please donate your precious ONE RUPEE…

Thank you one and all…

Johnny D

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