Saturday, March 13, 2010

EXCLUSIVE BLOG - http// (13th Mar 2010, 1030 Hrs)

EXCLUSIVE BLOG - http// (13th Mar 2010, 1030 Hrs)

The blog is dedicated to all those poor Indian farmers, who have committed suicide due to debt & distress and no sign of relief from government. All related post on Indian Farmers & My One-Man-Crusade Experience will be posted now in the exclusive blog

THINK HARD: What will happen when all our farmers will commit suicide or else migrate to cities in order to survive... YES! There will be no food...Prices will skyrocket & the government as usual will blame on farmers without really helping them...

As it is farmlands are being sold to big corporate companies to establish their car factories and other industries… farmers are being made guinea pigs to serve greed for these rich corporate houses. Less farmland means Less Produce and more the prices will rise in future. If these farmers are not supported enough to continue with farming, from where will all the food grains come? Have you ever thought about such a grave situation in coming years… what will happen to your children when they grow up? It will definitely lead to man eating man phase… there will be war every single day for food.

I may not be able to serve all the farmers’ families but yes, a little start will save at least a few of them to lead their lives with dignity and they will work hard for the progress of the nation in a very-very small way. I am all set now and from 18th March 2010, you may follow the blog for every day update of my mission.

Till then, join me in helping the farmers of our nation in a small way.

Johnny D

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