Saturday, March 27, 2010


Today from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm (IST), the world will celebrate ‘Earth Hour’ like it did last year. Funny, isn’t it? I really have no clue as to how it will help check Global Warming in spite of various debates I have had with friends and intellectuals? The Suburbs connected to Mumbai after Thane have lived for years now with six-hour (earlier it used to be 8 hours and in West Bengal the power cut last even in city like Kolkata for more than 12 hours a day and in villages it can stretch anything between 16 to 18 hours) daily cut of electricity supply… that means, Global Warming concern is only for the city dwellers and if they switch off their lights for one long hour, the world would be saved from Global Warming… the biggest crap one can ever conceive in our 21st Century!

Imagine if the suburbs connected to a city like Mumbai faces 6 hour power cut daily, what must be the situation in the interior villages of our nation… so that means all the poor and downtrodden population of India (without electricity supply) are contribituing much bigger pie to save the world from Global Warming, yet, no one really cares for these people. In cities, every day is earmarked for either Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Lovers’ Day, Earth Hour or Women’s Day and what not (all a publicity and commercial gimmicks) but in the land where 70% of the population depends on Agriculture, we don’t even give the most important person in the world – The Farmers – a day in their name.

The reason I am asking this question to all of you… don’t we even care to thank the person / community that feed us for life even for one single day? Why? Are we so thankless for the food that is so alluring and delicious on our dining table that we forget the person who has worked hard in hot sun and heavy rains to provide the food for us, even when his own family goes hungry? My heart bleeds for the farmers’ of the nation. Please let us join hands to force or demand from the world to at least celebrate ONE single day as FARMERS’ DAY in coming future! Let us dedicate ONE single day out of the 365 days to thank the farmers, who feed the nation selflessly… please write ‘Letters to the Editor’ to all the daily esteem dailies of the nation wherever you are, SMS to all News Channels and demand why we cannot dedicate ONE single day for the Farmers… it is a sincere request to one and all… and please don’t feel you are alone in doing so… I started alone but now I have so many people’s strong support… just show a little empathy to thank the brave poor farmers of our nation… who is committing suicide because of us…

Let us all make the “FARMERS’ DAY” the most happening day of the year to thank all our farmers with deep gratitude from the bottom of our hearts! I have full faith in all of you and I know if we start now, by 2011 we all will have the FARMERS’ DAY!

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