Friday, March 26, 2010


10 more farmers committed suicide in Vidarbha in the last two days and a tiny column space was given to such a serious issue in 46-Page Broadsheet esteem National Daily… even when the government claims that 70% of Indians depend on Agriculture Sector… what a shame and what a pity? The tiny space only revealed that 10 farmers in Vidarbha region committed suicide… taking the toll to 185 farmers’ suicide in the current year, which is not even three months old…

I often wonder as to why these suicides are not stopping in spite of all the government claims of doing a lot for the poor farmers? When riots break in any city, almost immediately the government springs into action to check law and order in the city, so why the criminal act of farmers’ suicides (according to Indian law, suicide is a criminal act or offence) are allowed to spread its tentacles ceaselessly since the last few decades… why are we allowing our farmers to die to leave their families in miserable sufferings? Why we all are not able to check this particular criminal act, when we can check terrorist attacks, underworld dons’ mafia, kidnapping or else thefts…

As a journalist I have seen how media houses work and function… news that are worthy often end up in waste bins much to the dislike of the reporter or correspondent in spite of being commissioned by their respective editors. I always knew that there is definitely something wrong and today a source from the affected region revealed the truth point blank… he said, “Every one is interested to fill their coffers and government bodies are doing just nothing to save these farmers, who have lost all the hopes to live a life, they dread so much.” I was not shocked as you all would be reading this… because I know the truth as I have seen containers of earthquake foreign aid were directly off-loaded in chor bazaar and it was auctioned to the highest bidder.

The fact surely has disturbed me a lot and I wonder how soon I am able to raise the required money to save at least a few farmers’ families before they commit suicide. I really have to raise the money fast to help these farmers before it is too late. I do hope people will come forward to contribute more so that we all can stop this dreaded disease to become deadly. What may seem today as just a small crisis will take shape of the ‘deadliest disease’ in the near future in front of our eyes within the next few decades… and then our children will say in unison – “Our forefathers and parents never really bothered to think about the major problem of food management!”


  1. Kishore Tiwari
    tks to this national daily that tiny news was published ,no other national daily or any national Govt. or private TV channels has given the news,everybody says it's routine matter since 2004 @ 8 hourly one vidarbha farmer is committing suicide now TRP or readership is matter of importance .
    we will update world about vidarbha farmers genocide till we r alive.

  2. Farmers Suicides is a routine matter? How callous can any one get... instead of being thankful to the farmers for the food they produce for all of us so we can live a good life, my heart boils when people have the audacity to say something like this...

    Only when there will be no farmers and no food produced, will India wake up then???