Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It was nearing four hours and as I entered the shop ALIS SHOES, my voice was a bit shaky because of requesting and thanking endlessly each individual. The owner not only contributed generously but also kindly asked me, “Would you like a glass of water?” I just couldn’t believe it and thanked him as my legs were trembling and voice was choking in my mouth. I said, “Sir that is so kind of you… you are the first person who has asked me for water in the whole of Linking Raod. I am really touched.” He requested me to sit but I was still standing holding my tears with all my strength in my eyes for his wonderful kind gesture. He asked one of his boys to give me a bottle of water and requested again, “Please sit and drink water.”

I sat and felt I was really tired physically and emotionally because of meeting such a wonderful human being. Then he said, “Never stand while you are drinking water because it is considered as insulting ‘Water’.” I looked at him in amazement taking a sip of water slowly. “You know man cannot make ‘Water’, can we?” I nodded to agree with what he was saying. He continued, “It is God who creates ‘Water’ and we should not disrespect God by drinking water standing. We must always sit when we are drinking water and that is to show respect to the creator of the Universe.”

I really thanked him from the bottom of my heart for enlightening me with such a wonderful lesson of life. We discussed for a while about various issues connected with suicide farmers’ families… I couldn’t help asking him his name and visiting card and requested him to follow my blog, so he can keep abreast with all the happenings of the movement. He asked me to write the URL, phone number and my name as he promised he would follow my blog for sure. As I was leaving thanking him with all my heart and leaving the half filled water bottle, he said, “Please take it with you and should I fill the bottle full for you. You need it.”

Meeting Mr. Mahmood G Furniturewala was an enlightening experience and it is people like him which makes this world such a beautiful place to live in. As I walked out of the shop, I was wondering how God balance the ill happenings with the good ones in such a short span of life. At 4 pm, I encountered the Ticket Checker and the educated gentleman, who objected in a wild tone and contributed their ‘anger & anguish’ for the cause and by 8 pm, here I was welcomed and treated with so much kindness…well, people like Mr. Mahmood G Furniturewala is what makes me strong to keep going to serve the suicide farmers’ families…

Thank you Mr. Mahmood G Furniturewala for enlightening my life with your knowledge and kindness…

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