Thursday, March 18, 2010



Yesterday, it was a hectic day for all the last minute preparation. Sameer Gambhir donated the ‘Donation Box’ and added another contribution of Rs. 500/- for a start. He even opened a separate bank account for me for this movement. Jaya Bhattacharya donated Rs. 2000/-, Kushal Sharma added another Rs.200/- from his side, writer Nareshji (assisted Anees Bazmee in WELCOME) donated Rs.251/- and a new friend Shiva Tripathi gave Rs.100/-. Another friend Devesh Sharma donated Rs.20/- and promised he would add a bigger amount in next couple of weeks.

With so many people backing up, I am sure my countrymen will come forward to help this cause and with all the help from one and all of our beautiful nation… we will be able to inch one step towards eradicating farmers’ suicide from our nation, which has plagued the nation for many many decades now. Making the farmers self-reliant and continue farming are the aims of this movement and at the same time, with all the help from the beautiful citizen of India… we will be able to produce more food for the nation.

I know, it seems like a big dream project but with one step at a time, we will all inch towards achieving the unexpected

Yes, I have plans to use all the money raised in productive ways to make these families self-reliant rather than make them the centre of pity... I will be involving each villager to learn to move ahead with the changing times to earn more from their produce by introducing various methods to overcome their poverty stricken lives... At the same time, I want them to continue farming so that the percentage of farmers shouldn't reduce because of all these suicides... the more the farmers, the more the produce and the more the nation will be...

At the same time, by interacting one-to-one with the mass, I will be generating awareness about our callousness to overlook such a serious issue and how they can change to safeguard lives of their children's future...

At the same time, I will be counselling all the farmers of villages I will be visiting as to why they shouldn't commit suicide in near future... use their expertise in their respective creativity to overcome obstacles in life for their decent living... The support I have been getting from all over the world proves that HUMANITY is still alive in this wonderful world of ours, where GREED and being EVIL are aplenty...

Lesser farmers in the world mean less food in every nation. Less food means high prices... the future looks very dangerous for all the children today of every single nation... Farmlands are being converted into concrete jungles or corporate companies are exploiting them to the fullest without realizing as to what will happen when there will be no farmers and farmlands left in the world... what will the children eat then???

As I mentioned earlier, I will be the bridge between the urban and the rural population... those of us, who live in urban cities don't even think once from where we get all the food and how hard the farmers have to work every day in hot sun and rain... so my movement will generate this awareness in the urban cities so that we all can help the rural belt...

A lady writer-poet Fellpony from UK wrote to me with two strong beautiful words 'Never Fear', which has given me great courage to start my movement with no fear at all. I feel really blessed that God, my Sai Baba has opened my eyes to work for the suicide farmers’ families.

Thank you one and all,

Johnny D
Twitter Account: @support4farmers

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