Thursday, April 15, 2010

OFF TO VIDARBHA TODAY… (15th Apr 2010, 1030 Hrs)

I am all set to leave for my karm bhoomi in the evening. Yesterday evening, my long time best friend Madan Patil contributed 1000 valuable rupees from his side for the cause taking the total sum to 15,776.50 paise… this valuable amount will be used effectively for respective affected families. I wish I had more funds at my disposal but I am content to start with a small sum.

There are various people in Vidarbha region, who are waiting for me to arrive there to start the movement effectively with all their support. There are ten thousands thoughts running simultaneously in my mind and trust me the task ahead is not going to be an easy one. How does one console a family who has lost its breadwinner? I wonder and pray to Sai Baba to give me strength and always be with me so I can do my work effectively. However, one thing I know that come what may… I will be putting my heart and soul to lead the affected families and villages that I will be visiting, towards a new horizon.

Yes, I will be writing my every day experience from Vidarbha, so with all your valuable contributions and blessings… I am all set for the biggest task of my life…Just pray for me to lead the farmers towards a suicide-free life of decent living with honour and dignity… 


  1. Who are the people there who are going to support you?

  2. Abby you will have to keep reading my blog to know who the real people are... as I mention all the interesting people in my every day encounter...