Thursday, April 1, 2010


An old poet-writer friend from UK revealed the most astonishing fact that is slowly and steadily gripping and crippling the Western Countries because of GM (Genetically Modified) crops… hence the shift towards Organic Farming has caught up with the Western World. Needless to say, while the West has realized the ill-effects of GM Crops, we in India are looking towards GM crops in order to increase the produce irrespective of how strong the ill-effects are going to cripple the already crippled nation. I wish to quote a portion of the mail she sent me:

“I was glad to tell you that Prince Charles over here has set up the organization I mentioned BHUMI VARDAAN FOUNDATION and people are sending money to this so that the Indian Farmers are helped. The British people are really very kind and give freely to charities. We are all so concerned about the fact that the Indian farmers were persuaded, against Prince Charles' warnings, to use GM crops, and now this has happened.

Here in our country, we are also in a very bad financial mess. We are having lots of our important services cut. People have been living longer and more and more people are developing dementia at an earlier and earlier age and their relatives have to cope without much help, and they are beside themselves because of it. We are wondering whether it is because there is something in our food or in our water that is affecting people in this way. I have a very dear, Christian friend, who is one of the nicest people you could meet. She is a mother of four grown up children, and also a grandmother, and her husband, in his fifties, a very nice and clever man, started to develop dementia. She and her husband and son were in a car one day. The husband was driving. Suddenly the car swerved off the motorway and plunged down an embankment turning over and over and over. People who saw it expected that nobody would have lived, but they had good seat belts on and they managed to be got out of the car alive. Her husband had gone to sleep for a second or so at the wheel. When medical tests were done, they found he had dementia. Now he is incapable of speaking and she has to do everything for him as if he is a baby, and he is only in his fifties. We are all terrified in this country that it will happen to us all.”

I do hope our farmers will be wise enough to not adopt blindly the GM crops to cripple all of us including our children for the sake of increasing the produce. I also wish all agriculture experts should open their eyes and especially their ‘conscience’ to guide nation’s farmers to do more of organic farming by using organic manure rather than poisonous chemical fertilizers. In my movement, this is going to be the first step towards a better healthy produce… Yes, it is difficult to make huge amount of organic manure but if every single Indian contributes, we all can surely achieve the unexpected.

Do we want our children affected with dangerous diseases when they grow up like it is happening in the Western World? The choice is yours, so please come forward to support the movement to a safe healthy future with organic produce. Please join the mission towards a healthy future for your children’s sake!

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