Tuesday, April 13, 2010


In the very first post I had mentioned about how my English Teacher Mr. KK Roy Choudhury of Central School Panagarh (West Bengal) had influenced my life to make me what I am today. His blessings were more than enough when I started this journey because he was the first person I shared with my decision to support the suicide farmers’ families. But today, I received his valuable contribution of Rs. 101/- by money order… the most precious contribution that this movement will ever have because of the sentimental and emotional value it holds to me.

Please, please don’t take it otherwise because every single rupee that comes in from every single individual is as precious as it can be to save the affected families. The reason I am writing this is because when a guru blesses his student with such strong support… honestly, I really don’t have words to describe my feelings today. My eyes were moistened and heart was overwhelmed with emotions because my guru is in his late 70s and a retired teacher. However, his voice is as sharp as it was during my school days. The only difference is earlier I used to be scared of him because of his strictness and today each time we speak over phone… I can feel his love overflowing. Such a bonding is really hard to explain in few words. I wish every student to get such a wonderful teacher in their lifetime!

He stands strongly behind me like a pillar blessing me to be always careful and do some good work in life. He still teaches young children English in his spare time and whenever any issue arises due to injustice, he has not failed to write ‘Letters to the Editor’ to various dailies expressing his discontentment and solutions to solve those issues. He often used to tell me, “Johnny you are fortunate that you became a journalist. You have certain duties towards your nation and society to fulfill. I can understand when you struggled initially in Bombay you were writing about celebrities and films. However, is this really fruitful in any which ways except that it is feeding and taking care of your monthly expenses?”

Yes, he was not pleased of his student’s profession (as a film journalist) because he didn’t teach me English to write about films. He is the man, even Oxford Dictionary and various well-known English grammar book writers have acknowledged for his impeccable knowledge of the foreign language. In school, we used to say – “Oxford can go wrong but Roy Choudhury sir can never be wrong when it comes to English grammar.” Such high standards he had set for himself because as a student his English teacher had admonished him in front of the whole class. So he vowed that he would excel in the language and yes, I am really proud to be Mr. KK Roy Choudhury’s most loving student.

Thank you so much sir…I salute you for everything you have done for me and with your kind loving blessings, I am sure my path to save the affected families will surely be a success!

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