Friday, April 30, 2010


Yes, I am really sorry folks but my life has been taken by the affected farmers’ families, for whom I am living now. While I wish to thank every single individual who have taken out their precious time to join the cause and write some very encouraging words… I wish to apologise to all those, who wish, as to why I am wasting my life for the suicide farmers’ families!
In my last post I had written how perplexed I was at the turn of the events in my life, I wonder as to why few urbanites don’t even think for once how important ‘the farmers’ are in our lives. They don’t even hesitate for even one bit, showing no remorse or emotions at all, to say without knowing the facts, of how fast the nation is losing our farmers (@ an average of 46 farmers’ suicide daily since the last 12 years), to tell me that I am wasting my life for a cause that really doesn’t need attention, care or support because government is giving them a lot of privileges and packages (only on papers though). Yes, the farmers have been and are being exploited by one and all, to such an extent that they are pushed towards suicide by the whole nation and globalization effects.
Globalization has its pros and cons in our modern world but the age-old farming technique were revolutionized by the Western technique to increase the greed to get more yields while killing the fertility of the rich soil. Seeds were and are being genetically engineered so that the yields will be more than earlier. Poisonous pesticides and fertilizers were introduced so that the genetically produce crops can be made safe from the pests and insects’ attacks. However, these poisonous pesticides and fertilizers have not only affected the farmers who are exposed to them for behaviourial changes but also it became their easy source to commit suicide.
A farmer selflessly toils hard in the hot sun and heavy rains to grow food for the nation, even in many cases, they let their families go hungry and in Bundelkhand villages, the farmers have last year sold their wives so that their children can eat meals to survive. The government has since the last 63 years not even provided the basic infrastructure of irrigation to the farmers of the nation and some urbanites have the audacity to say – farmers don’t really need any support… Imagine out of 87 major irrigation projects in India, only 15 projects have been successfully completed so far. So that means it will take another 315 years (15 projects in 63 years) before all these 87 projects will be successfully completed. WOW! Isn’t it incredible INDIA? I wish to ask these few urbanites ARE WE REALLY LIVING IN A CIVILIZED GLOBAL WORLD? What will happen when there will be no farmers left in the nation? How will they feed their children and families? Will they eat dollars, euros and rupees and coins to satisfy their hunger to lead a healthy life?

This irrigation canal near River Wardha
is still incomplete even after 23 years

Irrigation projects which were surveyed in 1962 were given okay in 1987 in Vidarbha Region. Just to sanction and start the projects, the government take 25 long years and even in 2010 (23 years later)… the canals and the incomplete projects are still being dug in a slow process… do these urbanites really know how the farmers of the nation had to protect irrigation water with guns so that nearby villagers may not steal them? Honestly, I get very upset when senseless people tell me that I am wasting my life for no reasons at all… while they seem to care about my life yet they are thankless to the farmers who feed them and their families…

I just wish to tell one and all, please-please wake up from your sleep and as a human being have some senstivity when you discuss farmers’ suicide in the nation. If you don’t have any emotions left within you because of the greed for the money, atleast please don’t tell people like me that we are wasting for our lives for the cause. The farmers need our strong support just like we need their invaluable support to lead a healthy life. Since the last 63 years we have not shown any support to them, now is the time, before it gets too late, to not only show them our strong support and concern but also save them from committing suicide in near future.

Lastly, I wish to thank all those people who have contributed generously in cash or kinds, encouraging words, spreading awareness and supporting the cause!

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