Saturday, April 17, 2010


Vidarbha region is famous for its black soil that is considered highly fertile for cotton, groundnuts, sugarcane and soyabean. While I was traveling in the ST bus wherever my eyes went, I could see huge buildings of various academic institutions, various factories and few small ones in the midst of the farmlands. Yes, Wardha is one of the major educational hubs in this region…with the highest literacy rate in the region and perhaps even in the state of Maharastra.

In some farms, cotton was still being plucked by labours, in some groundnuts’ green plants were such a delight to my eyes, but in major parts… the farmlands seem to be waiting for the rain god to shower them well with his blessings this year, so every farmer can rejoice with good crop. Yes, deep in my heart… I prayed that this year rain god should bestow good rainfall in this particular region. Every khet (farm) was telling me a tale of their own in their own ways… I know you may think I am crazy writing about all my experiences and feelings that are undergoing in my heart. Surprisingly, I have never felt like this before even though I have traveled many a times in rural India.

Development at the cost of converting farmlands into concrete educational institutes and factories… what will happen when all the already depleted farmlands will be concretized? But obvious, there will be no land to cultivate crops and then my fellow Indians what will happen? I will not blame the farmers for selling their lands to survive in this cut-throat competitive world… where in each one is trying to kill each other in various means. How I wish, Darwin had coined – “Survival only when united” instead of “Survival of the fittest” theory… the world surely would have been different and much more wonderful a place for all of us… don’t you think so?

There will be many more observations coming your way throughout my traveling in various villages and interaction with real people of rural India… how a common man thinks about rural India and what are the changes he want to see in near future… well, I will tell you as I see from my eyes…

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