Thursday, April 8, 2010


200,000 Farmers’ Suicide in last 12 years – 1997 to 2009 & Still Counting… (Vidarbha has seen 204 Farmers’ Suicide already in 2010 till date)

Less Farmers mean Less Food Crops, Less Food Crops mean High Prices. High Prices mean Many Indians will not be able to even eat two meals a day! We cannot allow our nation’s farmers to commit suicide, migrate to cities, sell their precious farmlands or else simply quit farming. This man-made catastrophe has to stop before it is too late all my fellow Indians.

Think when the farmers’ community will become EXTINCT… what will happen? Who will grow food for all of us? The near future that I see is, our children and grandchildren will have to kill each other to feed themselves…because there will no farmers left and hence no food crops to eat…

The suicide farmers’ families of the nation need your kind support and valuable contribution so they can once again become self-reliant and work hard to grow more food crops for all of us. I have dedicated my life by starting a one-man-crusade to support the Suicide Farmers’ Families of the nation and many creative and passionate individuals have joined in to stop this genocide created by the Multi-National Companies with the help of our Government

I am heading to Vidarbha on 15th April to support affected families. Without the support of every Indian, I will not be able to stop this Genocide… so please come forward to donate in whatever capacity you all can… even little contributions are welcomed because I know my beautiful nation has amazingly beautiful people, who cares for these farmers, who grow food for us selflessly, even though their own families live in hunger.

So please-please donate generously. The Suicide Farmers’ Families will be grateful to you for supporting them so they will once again stand on their feet once again… Your contribution is highly appreciated from the bottom of my heart!

Thank you my fellow Indians!

Yours truly,

Johnny D
support 4 suicide farmers families
11/38, B.I.T.
St. Mary's Road
Tadwadi, Mazagaon
Mumbai: 400010
Phone: +91 98203 22549
Twitter: @johnnydbombay
Facebook Events: Support Suicide Farmers' Families

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