Sunday, April 18, 2010

THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN HEART (18th Apr 2010, 1830 Hrs)

One full month completes this day ever since I started my journey. I do feel blessed because of all the strong support I have got from one and all, friends and fellow Indians and strangers who have become friends now. In one month having raised Rs. 15,776.50 paise and setting up my base in Wardha, Vidarbha Region… truly it is an amazing feeling!

One man, I would like to introduce to one and all, was a complete stranger because he silently followed the exclusive blog from the early stage, is Swapnil Barai from Wardha. This young 24 year-old amazing Indian has the golden heart that is seldom seen or heard of in many sense. I had called after getting his number from his blog and in our first conversation we clicked. It has happened very rarely with me because to be honest, I don’t mix so easily with people I meet. But even though we were just exchanging our views and vision over phone, we felt connected. So when I made my journey to Vidarbha, Swapnil became my main contact as he had assured me with all his help.

Unlike other youngstesr, Swapnil from an early age wanted to do something for the farmers. And when he joined TISS for his graduation in Turjhapur, his determination and undying passion worked wonders for him and many farmers. HE has worked as a Regional Manager with an NGO and considering his young age, he is an excellent master to analyse various subjects and issues with statistics in his finger tips. Both of these traits make it a truly deadly combination! His great writing skill is gifted and his will to help anyone who is heading to work for the benefits of the farmers, words cannot describe it.

I was a totally stranger but what a warm welcome I got when I landed at his home in Wardha. The whole family seems to love me at the very first instant, something I have really never experienced before in my life. Truly amazing parents, the love and bonding with his younger brother Sagar and his bunch of friends… well, wish everyone can experience such warm hospitality in one’s life. Truly, truly out-of-this-world! His well-spread connection showed what can be achieved in just one single call. In mere five minutes’ time, a room was arranged for me and my base was set almost instantaneously.

Swapnil is a great and passionate talker and his company is truly inspiring in many ways. I don’t think without Swapnil’s kind support and selfless help, such a fast settlement was possible for me. What surprised me the most was that he had spread the word about the movement with all the good people in his circle. And so when I called Gijs Spoor, the person from Holland who started ZAMEEN (an NGO) he knew everything about me. We shared and discussed various possibilities how we could join hands to help the farmers’ families in the region. Truly amazing experiences and have learned a great deal from this young man with the golden heart in mere three days.

Yes, we have a long way to go but now I am more confident than ever with Swapnil’s help and support, the task ahead is going to be well executed to bring solace to the poor farmers in the region. I had never expected that in one month’s time, I would come this far…

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  1. I completely in agreement with u with what have u written about him. knowing him for more than 4 years, Im sure he deserves much more than wht he is doing now !