Sunday, April 11, 2010


This is perhaps the greatest achievement of the biggest democratic country of the world ever since India achieved the status of Independent India in 1947. While millions of Indian are sleeping and dying because of hunger, lakhs and lakhs of metric tonnes of wheat and paddy are rotting in FCI godowns or should one say open-air-storage.

Can you believe that since the last 63 years, the nation’s government has not even bothered to build proper food grains’ godowns in the nation or else made any attempt to build in near future? Indeed, this is the greatest achievement any country can boast of and yes, India, my country stands FIRST in this callous and insensitive attitude by all the leaders of the nation – right from Gandhi, Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Morarjee Desai, Vajpayee or else Sonia Gandhi and the ever-sleeping Prime Minister of the nation Dr. Manmohan Singh.

According to FCI officials, they can store only 20 % of the total food grains produce in the nation. That means 80 % of the grains are kept in open and as a result they rot in open because of rain, moisture and dew… this year alone when the spiraling prices have made millions of poor to die in hunger, more than 70 metric lakh tonnes of wheat were rotten in the open air storage only in Punjab. There are various other FCI centres in cities like Lucknow, Yamunanagar, Khanna and Haryana… where in lakhs and lakhs of tonnes of wheat and paddy were not safely stored by the government’s organization FCI…

In spite of such huge stocks available in the nation, shortage of food grains was created by the Agriculture Minister and Congress led UPA government to benefit the black marketeers, as a result food grains prices are still in the all time high index! And then they talk about AUSTERITY! The total amount of food grains wastage is of such a huge quantity that according to various experts, the whole nation of 1.25 billions could have had two to three days of lovely meals three-times-a-day! So one can imagine the magnitude of how the government functions to help the rich to exploit the poor farmers, forcing them to commit suicide and quit farming… so the corporate companies can deposit billions of dollars in their Swiss Bank Account… oh, yes, India is the No.1 contributor in black money also helping the Swiss Bank to finance the global terrorism… as no one knows where all these billions and billions of dollars are invested by the Swiss Banks!

One last question: Will all the rich corporate bigwigs and corrupt leaders take these billions and billions of dollars they are accumulating, to heaven or hell to spread corruption there also?

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