Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I am perplexed at the turn of events in my life ever since the movement was started on the 18th of March 2010. From where strangers are entering into my life to become a solid support system for the cause… truly amazing phenomenon of the almighty or just the nature! I have always believed that everyone comes into this world with a pre-destined destiny and karma. Because that is how my life has shaped up ever since my childhood… first I wanted to become an army officer, then as I grew up… it changed and aspiration to become a doctor grew stronger… well, none of the two most ambitious dream really worked out for me.

I used to make paper envelops (used in ration shops earlier) and sell to make a little pocket money; worked as a receptionist in a hotel after my 12th grade; worked in an electical shop as counter salesman; managed successfully my friends’ road-side dabba (from managing to cooking to serving to even washing dishes – labour problems hehehehe ); sold micro-chips to well-known research engineers and innovators working on 2GC Project (the mobile we are using now); sold readymade garments; worked as a Production Manager in a jeans manufacturing company; used to run Tarkari, the first-of-its-kind Vegetable Supermarket in Hyderabad with my rakhi sister; worked as a Project Manager for an upcoming multi-cuisine restaurant; worked as an Interior Designer with a Landscape Architect; became a copywriter in the ad world; took up tuition; became journalist by default (writing about human achievers) and sucked in by Bollywood as film journalist, scriptwriter, lyricist and screenplay writer; I even handled couple of well-known stars' PR work; changed tracks to become Editor of an Interior magazine to finally turn into serious blogger… oh yes, currently working with an upcoming NGO as their Advisor, Consultant and Writer!

I know, it has been quite a riot in my life… but trust me every single field gave me immense knowledge about people’s behaviour and beautiful lessons to learn. And look where I have reached finally to find bliss by serving the affected farmers’ families… in hot temperatures of Vidarbha ranging from 44 to 47 degrees centigrade, I am oblivious of heat and high temperatures. Many may not believe me but now I really don’t feel the heat and hot sun any more… it is truly an amazing turn of events!

On Sunday, I was with Jaya Bhattacharya in Nitin Deasi’s Karjat Studio (she was shooting for Jhansi ki Rani serial on Zee) discussing various things about Vidarbha farmers and plan of future action. Suddenly one of the extras came to me and asked about my T Shirt’s message. When I told about the movement, he revealed that he is a farmer from Akola and working here so he can earn enough money to buy the costly seeds, pesticides and fertilizers. This was the least place where I could think of meeting a hard working farmer, who will discuss about his village’s plight and his own condition in spite of having 10 acre land. We discussed various things and I promised him that I will be visiting his village during the monsoon. He was happy and invited me to stay at his home during my visit and assured me that he would teach even other farmers from his village to build bhaand (high boundary mud walls all around the farmland) this season so that water table in the region can be increased. We exchanged numbers. A little later, Jaya and I wondered from where God sends his contacts and where… really no one can say that and we smiled at each other to bid goodbye!

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