Saturday, April 24, 2010


She has the most infectious smile in her family. And she connected almost instantaneously with me, no sooner I was welcomed at her house. Manali is the grandchild of deceased Shri. Namdeo Bablaji Jhade, a 65-year-old farmer who committed suicide on the 1st of March 2010. Unlike the rest of the bunch, Manali was very inquisitive about my visit and kept smiling at me, sometimes with a look of wonder and at times just happy to converse with me in mono-syllable.

Manali is a standard sixth student and loves going to school. Even though we interacted very little but she seemed to say a lot of things to me through her bright eyes and smile. She was quick to bring a glass of water for me, which showed how thoughful and caring nature she has. In many ways, while I was a little emotionally uncomfortable trying to know the reasons behind her grandfather’s suicide… Manali seemed oblivious of the void in her life. Well, what can one expects from a child of 11 years, who doesn’t even know why her grandfather was snatched away by God so early…

Ms. Manali – The Future Teacher of Indian Nation

Farmers commit suicide for various reasons but the reason to end one’s life is really hard to fathom, be it anyone in that matter – rich or poor. Human life is precious indeed, the beautiful gift that God has given to all of us and yes, ‘shareer nasvar hai’ (body is perishable) but then taking one’s own life is not a joke. Honestly, I don’t agree with the world that those who commit suicide are cowards. Here, I would like to tell all those people to try to cut just one finger of yours to show how brave or coward one is… one will get the results immediately! Anyways, the debate will go on and on…

While I was leaving, all the children assembled to see me off and were smiling all the while. I was putting on my shoes when I asked Manali, what she wanted to be when she grows up? Instantanesouly came her confident reply, “I want to become a teacher! I want to teach children so they can help their parents.” I was overwhelmned with emotions and saluted her for her determination and confidence. I said, “Shabaas beta… mann laga kar padai karna.” (Bravo girl, study with all devotion) – She smiled and nodded her head. Yes, I want to see Manali fulfill her goal in near future. I will defintely support her once she completes her Xth (tenth) grade. I will keep a tab on her progress and one more teacher our Indian nation is sure of, in coming future. Manali, I will be always there for you and so will all the people who are supporing the cause! Keep your confidence high and study well… the world is with you!

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