Friday, April 2, 2010


A single step will be supported by so many feet in less than two weeks’ time…well, I had never expected when I started my journey to support the suicide farmers’ families on 18th of March. This day, with as many as 146 ‘confirmed guests’, 124 ‘maybe attending’ and 1531 ‘awaiting reply’ at 0626 am, are supporting the ‘Events – Support Suicide Farmers’ Families’ show there are hundreds of beautiful hearts that care for our poor farmers. This amazing support is truly encouraging in many ways.

The Events was started on 20th March and till 30th evening had just 27 ‘confirmed guests but the sudden spurt of people joining in from all over the world to show they care, has truly boosted my energy level to a new high! Thank you so very much one and all from the bottom of my heart for your strong support!

When I started the mission, my main aim was to enlighten the urban population about how deadly the future is going to be for all of us without the dedicated selfless service of our poor farmers… who toil hard in hot sun and have to face heavy rains so that we can eat good food in whichever part of the nation we live in, even when their own families live in hunger. It is amazing and shocking indeed that when I was walking the streets, as many as 85 to 92 per cent people I met, didn’t know India has lost 200,000 Farmers to suicide at the rate of 46 farmers per day, 1388 per month and 16,666 per year since the last 12 year-period from 1997 to 2009!

Sans politics, we are all united as one India and one World… the movement has shown to the world today, each one of us do care for the other person and wish well to support each one with whatever means one can contribute in whatever capacity. The journey is surely long till we all will achieve to see these affected families stand on their feet smiling to see a new dawn breaking with promises of a very happy future for them and all of us! Thank you once again all you beautiful people who are supporting the cause and movement, and a big ‘thank you’ to all the others, who have no time to support the cause and the movement.

Think Hard: What will happen when there will be no farmers left in the nation in the near future? Obviously, no food! What will your children and grand-children eat then? Please take a pause from your hectic lifestyle and just for a second think about the ‘future of your children’… believe me, each time I look into the future about such a situation, it scares me to death and I shudder to see humans eating humans to survive… yes, people of the world… we are surely heading towards a deadly future at a very fast pace!

Our farmers and their affected families need your strong support now so that future of your children and grand-children is full of happiness and abundant food! Please-please wake your humane side from your within before it is too late!

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