Monday, May 24, 2010


NOTE: I had written this post in August 2009... nothing has really changed... every leaders mentioned in this post are still lying blatantly and no concrete steps have been taken as yet...

SOLUTION TO FIGHT BACK DROUGHT (dated 20th August 2009)Trying to raise a voice for our farmers, I will be writing on the topic on a regular basis. And I also do hope TV anchors will take up this SERIOUS issue and question the government for an answer and solution as to why they are always trying to solve it on a temporary basis. Honestly, it is high time our media system should be more responsible towards their duty and responsibility, follow up the serious issue endlessly, till the government finds a real permanent solution. I request them sincerely from the bottom of my heart regarding the serious issue…

Our PM just to assure the nation gave away the mindless statement in the media – ‘We have enough food stock, so no need to panic because of drought!’ (the only change in his speech today was - things will be controlled by December... how Mr. PM, when every month you are increasing the rate of petrol without fail or thinking... oh I forgot... you don't think at all because Sonia says and you execute as PM) – The PMO’s media activity is just so childish because it is common sense, what will happen next year (for our food stock) if there is drought in 246 districts in the nation this year… Mr. PM, how will we meet our food stock requirements next year (but obvious, prices will increase further, isn’t it?)??? How can Dr. Manmohan Singh, an economist of such a high calibre give such a statement in the media?

My previous blog (18th August) did see the media questioning the Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar, who confirmed that near about 10 million tonnes of rice crops’ shortage (when India is wasting food grains worth 58,000 crores every year Mr. Pawar?) will be experienced next year because of this drought… He also said that they would release more food items to ration stores all over nation… Mr. Pawar, how will it help the poor farmers in any which way to combat the drought? Can you please explain the nation… Common Sense, common sense in capital letters Mr. Minister… It is WATER for CROPS that our farmers need at this hour of crisis…

Will the government really look into this serious issue in a serious manner? Will the media please question and highlight this issue more seriously? Will our ministers forget about other trivial issues and talk more about this issue aggressively in our parliament hours to force Manmohan Singh’s government to take serious action and implement a permanent solution? There are more questions that requires to be answered by our government to take care of our poor farmers, who are protecting irrigation water with guns today in Bihar… Agriculture minister should be answerable to each farmer’s death in the nation… Our PM too should be responsible as to why he is looking the other way at rich industrialists rather than our poor farmers???

Well, I request all the channels’ head to highlight the plight of our farmers in a serious dedicated manner to get a proper government action for a permanent solution to fight drought or other natural calamities like flood… this year, it is drought, chances are there will be floods the year to follow, once again crops will be washed away… what will the government do next year to solve the problem then? While rich stars of Bollywood are wooed by various insurance institutions to insured their lives in case of accidents, why our government cannot make it mandatory for these institutions to insure the crops of our farmers in case of loss and damages from natural calamities… this will not only help the crop production for the country, but also will save many farmers’ lives… nation’s anndatas!

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