Friday, May 14, 2010

SOIL, WATER & SEEDS (14th May 2010, 1300 Hrs)

Soil, water and some seeds
The basic every farmer needs
The government policies do deprieve
So the farmers would commit suicides

The vicious cycle of the corporate
Increases farmers’ suicide’s rate
The urbanites are still unaware
Who will help the farmers to care

Soil’s fertility is fed poisonous fertilizers
Produce is poisoned with chemical pesticides
What we eat make us sick
So the Pharma sector can be rich

While the Pharma and Insurance sectors
Have grown in leaps and bounds
The agriculture sector is being overthrown
So Monsato can rule with a crown

Corporate are selling water in bottles
Tightening the noose around farmers’ cattles
While Coke and Pepsi stars are in competition
There is not enough water for farmlands’ irrigation

GM Crops don’t breed any seeds
So the farmers have to shell out more
When will Monsato stop its greed
And stop killing our farmers instead

The government licks the corporate czars
While counting suicide farmers buying swanky cars
How can we all eat food soaked in farmers’ blood
Tell me please world, do we really care?

When will we really care to save our farmers?

Johnny D
14th May 2010

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