Monday, May 31, 2010

THE NINTH ANGEL (31st May 2010, 2130 Hrs)

Angels do exist even in this modern world. The only thing is that they are visibly invisible to all of us. Only when they enter your lives out of nowhere, you are amazed by the angel’s presence. So far, I have been blessed to have 9 beautiful angels… who are not only assisting me with encouraging words but also they have taken a great step to support me for one long year, so I can zealously work with the suicide farmers’ families in Vidarbha.

In my earlier post, I had written about eight generous angels who came forward to see that this serious issue needs more to be done… their encouraging words, kind generosity and the assurance that they will always stand by me to support the cause, truly cannot be measured in any which ways.

The ninth angel arrived through Facebook chat at night on Friday, the 28th May… Tejal Rajyagor works for the NGO GiveIndia. And her first message (on chat) was – ‘Johnny don’t worry, if Mr. Bachchan is not supporting you… I will take the responsibility.’ (So far, I haven’t heard from Mr. Bachchan’s office or him…) Now this was something so amazing to hear from her as I was inching towards my 10 required angels… we chatted for some time and the next day, we talked over phone. When we became friends on Facebook, Tejal had written to me saying – ‘If ever you need my support, please do let me know and I shall do the needful.’ And true to her words, the beautiful angel joined the other angels without thinking twice.

Tejal came to know about the movement from one of the Yahoo Groups and almost immediately started following the blog and she was curious to know all about it. She wrote to me with her questions in March and since then has been following the blog. Tejal’s compassion to do something for the down trodden made her to quit the cozy Financial Sector last year after working for 3 long years, so she could join GiveIndia. It’s indeed a very rare case for me but she says, ‘It was an awakening call to do something for the less fortunate and I knew what I wanted to do in life. So I quit and joined GiveIndia.’

Even though we have never met face-to-face, we connected over phone as if we have been friends since a long time. Apart from supporting me, Tejal is working on generating awareness about many social issues that has touched her hearts. I really don’t have words for all the angels, who have entered my life to support the cause in such a noble ways. I have approached more than 45 people so far to find 9 beautiful angels… Who will be the tenth angel???

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