Friday, May 21, 2010

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL (21st May 2010, 0120 Hrs)

Only if you believe
You will try
Only if you try
You will succeed
Only if you succeed
You will be worshipped

The problem starts there after
As you want more and more
The more you succeed
The more you will be worshipped
The more you are worshipped
The more your problems erupt

With all the problems in the world
We humans break down instantly
Worries, tears, miseries, struggle
Seems never ending
Life seems like a curse
Little realising, there’s more to life

Life is beautiful
Only if you value yours
Looking beyond
Worries, tears, miseries and struggle
Smiling every moment
Whether happy or sad

Life is beautiful
When you go beyond
Thinking about your trivial issues
Giving others joy
With your smile
And your love

It’s difficult
We all know that
But have you ever tried?
You may ask what about others?
Each one of us gives
Without realizing what we have given

Smile, love, help, aid
Are in disguise
Unrestricted, they brighten other’s life
Lessening their woes
As each one gives others
Life smiles

In recognition of your nature
Small-small gestures
Turn into big events
As life smiles all around
You realise
How beautiful it is to be living!

Johnny D
8th October 2006

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