Sunday, May 2, 2010

UNBELIEVABLE BUT TRUE (2nd May 2010, 2345 Hrs)

When anyone dares
to walk the distance
that no one has
ever measured before
The world dreams
the journey
to complete one day
irrespective of the impossibilities…

There are many
who join in to cheer,
encourage and
be by the side
to let him remember
‘hey buddy,
you are not alone’

Noble laureate Tagore (Rabindranath)
had written a poem
in Bangla –
‘Yaddi tor dakh sune koi na aashe,
Tumi ekla chalo re’
(If no one hears your call,
Start walking all alone)

Yes, I started my journey
all alone
to support the suicide
farmers’ families in Vidarbha
only to find
so many feet
joining the endless journey

Some with encouraging words,
some contributing generously,
some with invaluable information,
some with great insight,
many with hard facts,
few special ones
with brilliant ideas
and of course,
a few
with discouraging attitudes,
but most with the passion
that I had never imagined
when the world would unite
as one
for the serious cause
sans politics

Johnny D
2nd May 2010

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