Thursday, May 27, 2010

THE TEN GENEROUS ONES… (27th May 2010, 2125 Hrs)

When I started the movement, I really didn’t even think twice as to how I would support myself while working endlessly with the suicide farmers’ families. The movement started from roads but since I didn’t wanted to launch an NGO (it is a one-man-crusade and one requires three trustees to float an NGO), there were various ground realities and problems. Without anyone to support me, will I be able to survive and work towards the cause that has made me to give up everything in life?

I remember having interviewed a Bollywood director during my stint as a film journalist. I still remember she told me, she had pitched her concept to various corporate houses and friends, who invested to make a beautiful movie titled KAL…YESTERDAY & TOMORROW. I am talking about Ruchi Narain. She has inspired me to take up one step further to request for support from ten generous people from various walks of life.

When I shared my helplessness with friends about my monthly expenses to be raised so I could work more effectively with the farmers’ families in Vidarbha, they came in readily to chip in with their monthly contribution of Rs.1000 /- per month to support me for one full year. Like Ruchi, I mailed and made few calls to some good people I knew… and by Sai Baba’s grace and blessings at this very hour, I have got seven humble people, who have not asked any questions and have pledged and contributed to raise the money for my monthly expenses. I am deeply touched by the gestures of all these wonderful people, who have come forward to support me so selflessly. Their invaluable contribution to stop farmers’ suicides in Vidarbha showed how much they have been affected and do care seriously about the issue.

A writer-poet from Kerala Mr. G A (requested his full name not to be published) was the first one, who came forward, followed by my old friend Mrs. Shachi Bhanushali (a housewife) from Hyderabad. Television actress Nausheen Sardar Ali, another old friend readily promised to support me and as I was leaving her house, her first Rs.1000 /- was in my hand. Mr. Prem Nath, well-known Architect-Designer called me the next day morning after receiving my SMS and mail to give a pat for the good deed. He immediately asked for my postal address and said the cheque would be there. And yes, his one year contribution was at home even before I knew. Mr. Prem Nath’s greatness is his humility and humane nature. I am glad as the Editor of an Interiors Magazine, I have had the beautiful experience to interview and know him in person.

There are two very special persons, who have requested to remain anonymous for their yearly contribution. One is a very well-known director in Bollywood and the second one is a well-known Architect-Designer. I have to get one confirmation from another old friend, who promised she would call me tomorrow for sure after discussing with her mom. I have written to couple of more people I know and also to Mr. Bachchan to complete the TEN! Hopefully by tomorrow, I will have all the ten to make the base of the movement firm and strong with their invaluable kind contributions.

I have approached many people, out of which these people have come forward to encourage me with their strong support and great help. And what is more wonderful is that for next year for the June 2011 to May 2012 period… I have already been promised by two students, who will graduate as Masters of Management next year. I really have no suitable words to thank all these people as I am indebted to them for life. Now I can work with the poor farmers more zealously, who cannot afford or pay for an extra labour as the monsoon starts… From the bottom of my heart, I wish to thank one and all for your invaluable help! Sai Baba blesses you all! – Cuidate!

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