Wednesday, May 12, 2010

GLOBAL WARMING (12th May 2010, 2200 Hrs)

It is THE worry
What our future holds?
For the greed
That has satisfied all our wants so far.

Not content with the required needs
The greed has endangered the globe
As nature repays our past actions.

Soaring, dipping
Temperatures controlling deaths
Tsunami, hurricanes
Leave catastrophes behind
Rains submerging cities
Drought defies the want for want!

Researchers are busy to understand
The nature of nature
As nature declares global warming
Calamities spread its tentacles all around.

Comforts or catastrophes
It is hard to control both now
Learning our lessons way too late
How do we curb our greed?

In the past, to comfort our present
We have endangered our future
Changing faster with each passing day
It is now nature’s time to have the last laugh!

Johnny D
16th April 2007

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