Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I would like to ask forgiveness from few generous people, who have contributed for the cause with their valuable donation in the past few weeks. I am really sorry for not able to write about you all in my blog. Please do forgive me… I am sure you all will, for sure…

First of all, Mitesh Thakkar, a Bandra resident have been very supportive about the movement. We met in April just when I was about to leave for Vidarbha. Mitesh has been following my blog and one fine day called me over phone. When we met, we discussed many things about the serious issue and he was wondering all the while, how he could help in his own ways. His valuable contribution of Rs. 200/- will surely go a long way to help the suicide farmers’ families. Mitesh is also in the pipeline to float an NGO to save trees in very near future with his friends. I wished him all the very best and hope his selfless work to save the environment will be a boon for our nation. Sorry Mitesh for writing about you after so many days…

Prajakta Patil, a Masters’ student in Jankidevi Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Santacruz, Mumbai is a passionate little powerhouse. She has been very serious about the farmers’ suicide issue and keeps herself abreast of all that is happening in Vidarbha, since she hails from Nagpur. She was curious to know about how I am going to make use of all the funds that will be raised in time to come… even though she had had a hard day in her internship organisation, I informed her about my plans. And just before she was leaving, she turned back and said – ‘Here’s a small contribution from my side’ and a ten rupee note landed in my folded hands with gratitude. Even though she is just a student, the heart to contribute is what touched me the most about Prajakta. Sorry Prajakta for missing to write about your valuable contribution all these days.

There is another Masters’ student from the same institute and she has the same first name and hails from Amravati. Prajakta Mahure has been hearing about farmers’ suicide since her growing up years. Her interest to know more about the issue sparked a long session and she was a keen listener as well as shared great insight about the issue, since she hails from Vidarbha. We talked for near about two hours and I shared my vision, plans and slow and steady execution of various projects in near future. As we were about to part, she contributed Rs. 50 / - for the cause. She even assured and promised that when she would start earning, she would be there to give financial help from her side for the cause. I really didn’t had words to thank her for what she had promised me… wish there are more Prajakta in this world to come forward to see farmers’ suicide stop in Vidarbha… I am confident that one day this reality will happen… may be it may take me 10, 20 or 25 years of my dedication and devotion with all the help from the world.

Aravind Chandrasekaran from Chennai has had a brief stint at Harvard. He has been supporting the cause since its inception in Facebook and have read various blog posts on and off. Even though we have been interacting through mails, Aravind’s generous contribution on his birthday of Rs.1500 /- came in as a beautiful gift. His small (he calls its small, though it is really big) contribution is assisted with designing of various campaigns (in the pipeline) that he has taken the responsibility on his own for the cause. Aravind is into Social Media and Internet Business and has various plans to raise funds for the cause. I am so glad that so many young people are touched and worried about the serious issue to come forward to provide their generous contribution and help. I am really sorry Mitesh, Prajakta P, Prajakta M and Aravind for not writing about your valuable contribution for the cause. I do hope you will all forgive me… cuidate!

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