Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SUCH A LONG JOURNEY AHEAD… (11th May 2010, 0020 Hrs)

Instant results seem to be the mantra of our modern world. Little forgetting that Rome was not built in a day… In our nation we want everything to happen immediately come what may… everything takes time to materialise in its own course. Even the pizza takes 30 minutes to get delivered at your home or office.

When I started the movement, I knew exactly it would take me many-many years to achieve even an iota of what I have set out for… the results are not going to be out the next very day, but many people expect me to deliver it so… there are various questions in people’s mind about why I need the initial sum of 10 lakh rupees to start anything concrete? How I am going to disburse the amount (funds raised for them) among the affected families? What are my plans to support the affected families and how will I achieve them?

I just wish to tell one and all that when the initial sum of 10 lakh rupees would be raised, I will be able to set up small working units for the widows of the deceased farmers, sponsor ambitious children (I have already scouted one child, who wish to become a teacher) to achieve their dream to be teachers, doctors or else management graduates, set up projects that will lead new way for the affected families to become self-reliant. NO, I will not be making the mistake of giving away money to the affected families by treating them as an object of pity… but I want them to hold their heads high with self dignity and pride… I want these families to show to the world that they can gather courage to lead a new life after the drastic shock that has changed everything for them…

Yes, many who have questioned me about all these things may think I am dreaming too big to achieve all what I have said above… but before I die a peaceful death in Vidarbha in some farmers’ arms, I want to achieve all these things for the widows of the farmers and children who have lost their fathers and grandfathers to suicides! My eyes are wet and my throat is choking with heavy emotions as I write about my death in Vidarbha, even though my journey has just started and I have not even covered 100 metres of the limitless miles ahead…

I do hope this post will open eyes of one and all to know how serious I am about stopping suicide of farmers in the region and my future projects that will help the suicide farmers’ families in Vidarbha. I have dedicated my life because I have been shaken by such a serious issue and I can see how deadly our future is going to be (without any farmers left to produce food for us), if we don’t help the farmers now before it is too late. Yes, my dear friends of the world… the results of my dedication will be seen in coming years… and it may take many… for your information and satisfaction please!

May Shirdi ke Sai Baba bless you all!

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