Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Yesterday the motormen of the Western and Central Railways went on strike and Mumbaikars were taken at ransom, so the media accused them. Accusations seem to be the first reaction of the media houses without really knowing the truth of both the sides of the coin. Investigative journalism has died long time ago. It’s the age of Speculative journalism. Sad and pathetic is the state of the fourth pillar of our nation.

Should the common (poor) working class die in slavery because of government policies? The government doesn’t hesitate one bit to increase the price of petroleum products when international rates rises; the government doesn’t hesitate to increase the prices of essential food products even when there is no shortage and grains are rotting in FCI’s open-air godowns? So why should the common working class not demand increase in their salaries when everything is shooting up? Is it their fault to work 24 x 7 x 365 selflessly so millions of fellow Indians can go to their work place to earn living for self and family members in great comfort? So why does the media not expose the faulty policies of the government instead of targetting and blaming the common working class?

Farmers, Soldiers, Policemen, Motormen, Labours and many more working classes are doing their jobs selflessly and contributing a large chunk of their earnings in nation’s growth. Sadly, these are the people who have been neglected since ages by our government. Media will not expose the hoaders and black marketeers because they are part of the political leaders and media houses are paid in crores to keep shut and divert the nation’s attention towards trivial senseless issues. So why did the media targetted the motormen yesterday when all they were asking is a small increase in their pay scale? Is it too much to ask for, to meet their monthly budgets in this rising prices scenario?

Working selflessly to comfort the fellow citizen seems to be the biggest crime in our nation. One should not open one’s mouth to ask for a raise even if it means to let one’s family die of hunger because the expenses are more than what one earns in this modern day of regular price rise. Whether it is our farmers or else our policemen or be it our soldiers, who are dying to protect our nation by their selfless deeds. They are all living hand-to-mouth and working like slaves, while the political leaders have shut their eyes while sucking blood of these working class to become crorepatis almost over night…

Not even a single individual really think about how the railways personnels have to work so hard 24 x 7 x 365 days, so that everyone (who uses them) can comfortable reach to their work place. They rarely get holidays and enough rest as all these sectors have shortage of manpower ever since its inception. Farmers and soldiers are quitting their profession to either move towards urban cities or else joining private forces (so they can earn more to feed their families) respectively… yet our policy makers have shut their eyes in their air-conditioned rooms and offices.

Should the poor working class die in slavery? When will our government wake up to show some humane side to treat them with dignity and respect and give them what is due for their selfless services? I ask the Prime Minister, why the poor will not lift a gun when you are killing them with your policies, which are not helping them, instead you are pushing them towards suicide?? One last request to the media houses, please stop all the stupid speculations and instead expose the corrupt politicians, trust me not even a single Indian will die of hunger… you are playing a major role in killing your own fellow Indians… people who grow food for you and people who protect you from vicious terrorists and goons. Build the nation please and please-please don’t divide the nation by helping the rich and targetting the poor by speculating on serious issues.

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