Monday, May 17, 2010


In Vidarbha, I am currently doing proper research to understand various important reasons of rampant farmers’ suicides, while scouting for ambitious bright children (from the affected families) to sponsor them for their further studies after their tenth grade in near future. It is a long process to understand the complexities of farmers’ suicides in the region. There are many factors affecting the poor farmers to take the drastic step towards suicide and only by interaction with as many suicide farmers’ families I will be able to understand their real problems.

My sole intention to help farmers and their families is, that in near future I want to see them become self-reliant and lead a dignified life with their heads held high. I really don’t intend to treat and see these families as an object of pity but I want to see them as a great potential for the bright future of India. They have already suffered enough in their lives feeding the nation… it is the least I can do for them with all the help from the citizen of the world.

Farmers are the most essential community of any nation or in that matter, every single individual is directly connected and indebted to them for providing us valuable food through out our lives. The least we all can do is to support them by being thankful for their selfless sacrifice to come out of this serious catastrophe called ‘Suicide’… I know I will not be able to stop such a phenomenon in mere few years but my devotion to lead them towards a bright future surely is going to fetch some results in coming years.

Uncertain about her future...
I have been often asked by people who contribute as to how I plan to execute things to support farmers’ families with all the funds that are being raised for the cause. Well, things definitely are not going to be as easy as everyone thinks because of various factors. The movement will achieve its target in a slow and steady manner so that we don’t falter by setting up various projects. Yes, I will be needing a lot of funds to see all the projects come alive to see smiles on these widows’ worried faces. I know and am confident that the world will come forward to contribute to support these families to lead them towards a new future.

Support 4 Suicide Farmers Families:

1). Helping affected families towards self-reliance: Understanding their needs and their expertise in their respective field. Scouting for ambitious children of the affected families to sponsor them for higher studies.

2). Neem tree plantation in affected villages to increase the green belt and help check soil erosion from the farmlands. Neem tree’s fruits and leaves can be used to make organic manure… neem datun (sticks) will be packed to be sold in urban cities, thereby helping the families to earn extra income from the trees.

3). Shifting towards Organic Farming for better and safe future.

4). Setting up small scale units (dairy, cattle rearing, food products, vegetables high-end shops, organic manure units and setting up gobar gas plants in affected villages – everything will be run by the affected families’ women).

5). Increase water table in the region by rain water harvesting and building check dams and introducing mandatory bhaand (high mud walls around the farmlands) along with future irrigation infrastructure in villages.

6). Counselling farmers and families about the ill-effects of heavy use of chemical poisonous fertilizers and pesticides, avoid GM Crops… saving seeds, avoid alcohol addiction and save money in a proper manner.

7). India’s first Organic village – the mission that I am working on very passionately so that ONE ROLE MODEL VILLAGE will open the eyes of the world!

As of now, I can only share some of my vision because as I will be understanding their problems more and more in coming months… there will be many more plans and projects in the future depending on the funds that will flow in… because money plays an important part to set up all these things. I am very confident and positive that the world will come forward to help the cause to set up all these projects in coming years. So please, a sincere request to one and all to come forward to contribute from the bottom of your hearts to say, “Thank You Farmers, It is because of you, we are living!”

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