Sunday, May 9, 2010


We are a country which is too busy to celebrate IPL’s success, Qasab's hanging sentence (even though the bastard is still enjoying biryani in jail), burn & waste candles to shed crocodile tears for countrymen being killed in terrorist attacks and bomb blasts, only to forget how our hard earned money is being wasted since the last two years to keep one bast*** terrorist alive while millions of Indians are dying of hunger!

Food grains worth 58,000 crores rotting in FCI godowns (godowns are leased for five years to store liqour companies’ liquor, while food grains rot in open under the very own eyes of FCI’s officials) every year due to lack of or storage facilities and this is the greatest claim and achievement of our government and the Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar, who is more serious and actively busy in crores being minted by BCCI’s IPL! ... all the while when our poor selfless farmers slog their sweat & blood in hot sun & heavy rains to grow these food grains... imagine they have to commit suicide & still there is no awareness about such a serious issue in the nation... truly pathetic! Why is Sonia and Rahul Gandhi silent on such a huge national wastage??? Shouldn't Pawar be sacked for his incompetence to safeguard food grains of the nation as the Agriculture Minister? Shouldn’t the ever sleeping Prime Minister wake up to tackle this serious issue at war footing? Isn’t this much serious than the naxal problem and Ambani’s brothers fight for gas rates?

63 long years since Independence, our country’s government (majority of years ruled by Congress) has not even bothered to build proper godowns to store food grains properly! Mind you FCI godowns can store only 20% of total food grains produced in the nation as 80% grains are stored out in open to rot! Is this mere callousness or a pure case CARELESSNESS by all the leaders of the nation? Who will prosecute these corrupt political leaders for wasting such a huge amount of food grains, when millions of poor Indians are dying of hunger… lakhs of farmers are committing suicide because of drought and no food to survive… hundreds of farmers are selling their wives to loan sharks to feed their children in Bundelkhand…

Sharad Pawar in Asian Age dated 9th May 2010 was quoted – “The condition of the godowns in the country is not good and that is resulting in the rotting od food grains.” While the careless government has had the audacity to acknowledge that country wastes 58,000 crores worth of food grains every year, due to lack of or poor storage facilities, nothing, absolutley NOTHING is being done to overcome their incompentency to tackle the serious issue on priority. I ask the nation, how much time does it take nowadays to build tin sheds with all the modern day equipment? Does it take more than 23 long years to build incomplete irrigation canal (in Wardha)… barely in 15 days time, one can build tin sheds to safeguard all the 80% food grains, which are kept in the open. Is it so difficult for the government of India to take such a simple decision to safeguard 58,000 crores worth of food grains?

Well, my heart really boils when such callousness and carelessness are being shown by the leaders who lead the nation to claim India is growing at a rate of 8% plus… is this really the growth we as the country wish to achieve while millions are dying in the nation because of hunger… if the government knows that such a huge amount of food grains goes waste every year, why can’t they feed the poor hungry fellow Indians with this food grains? Why millions of poor are forced towards death by the nation? Wonder of wonders, now that all the FCI’s godowns are packed to capacity (some with liquor companies), the bumper rabi harvest will be made to rot in open as the monsoon are fast arriving in the nation… that means more wastage of food grains in coming monsoon!

I would like to blame the opposition as well for not forcing the government to take SERIOUS action against the agriculture Minister, who is more concerned about the sugar mills’ owners rather than food grains being wasted… it is the loss of the nation and 58,000 crores is not a small amount my fellow Indians!!! Wake up, wake up please before we all die of hunger in near future!

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